FITUALIZED LAT Cable Machine Pulley Attachment Sets System for Home Gym Fitness Studio - Adjustable Length - Loading Pin - Easy DIY
Price RM300.00
Brand Fitualized
Size (L x W x H) 34 cm x 13 cm x 9 cm
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  • MEASUREMENT; Stainless Steel Chain(50cm), Cable(160cm), Safety Carabiner(No.8), Pulley(59mm), Loading Pin(23cm x 26.mm x 70mm)
  • ADJUSTABLE CABLE LENGTH;  Unlike others, our cable pulley system includes chains that allow some height/length customization depending how high your setup is
  • AFFORDABLE HOME GYM; The Lat Pulley System replaces expensive and over-sized lat pulldown machine at the gym for a fraction of the price 
  • YOUR ONLY LIMITATION IS YOUR IMAGINATON; Compatible with all cable attachments,Triceps Rope,Triceps Bar,Straight Lat Bar,Single, Double D Handle, and unlimited exercise workout variations 
  • PACKING LIST;  1x Steel Pulley, 1x Steel Chain, 1x Rubber Cable, 1x Nylon Strap, 4x Carabiner and 1x Steel Loading Pin. Attention: Tricep Rope is not included
  • CONSISTENT RESULTS WITH PROGRESSIVE OVERLOAD; Capable of supporting up to 200lb of weight, you will feel extra safe to hit those muscle fibres where weights and barbell simply cannot target
  • COMPATIBLE WITH OLYMPIC WEIGHT PLATES; The steel loading pin is durable and high quality, designed to fit perfectly with 2” Olympic weight plates and 1" home gym plates
  • SMOOTH ROTATING CABLE PULLEY DESIGN; The rotating pulley is extremely smooth which could be great for crossover
  • ALL READY STOCKS; We are not dropshippers or China sellers so you don't have to wait until mushroom also grow already, we don’t cancel your orders and we QC so you don’t have to get through the hassles later
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  • SATISFACTION GUARANTEE; Effortless manufacturer 14-day money-back guarantee with a 365-day free replacement warranty, if you have any issues, chat with us and we will reply within 24 hours

Do you hate going to the gym and paying so much for gym membership?

Are you a personal trainer or gym owner who is looking to start your own personal training gyms/studios/boutiques to train your clients and want to be intelligent about investing in gym equipment? 

Are you looking to build a home gym and PT studio/gym without all the hectic, expensive and bulky fitness equipment but you are not willing to sacrifice training quality in the same time?

Imagine only paying for 1/10 or less for one of the best and most practical gym equipment that you can take anywhere...

Imagine building the body and business of your dreams...

“I was initially going to buy an entire cable system for 2599 until I found this online. The movement is very smooth. As you can see I purchased 2 of them that way I can do cable crossovers,and it probably is better in the sense that it’s an actual cable system not a system using resistance cables.” 

Said by one of our Lazada customers who owns a Power Rack 


Cable pulley station is a space saver, mobile, and versatile

With a newly designed durable pulley capable of a 200lb load you can maximize your cable workout while taking it with you to the gym, outdoors (Especially great for functional fitness clubs), or in the comfort of your home

Strap the pulley to a horizontal bar or other fasteners and you are ready to go, “No tools required.” 

The gourd buckle will allow you to use a variety of your favorite cable attachments

What sets our system apart is we include stainless steel chains that allows height/length customisation depending on how high your setup is and our cable is sheathed in rubber allowing for a smooth flow and safety from cuts that result from an open steel cable

Single Pulley Cable Stations are great for Lat Pulls, Triceps Curls, On Back Cable Bicep Curls, Face Pulls, and much more

Purchase the 2 units to enjoy more savings and you have a cable crossover station for chest workouts, rear delts workouts, and row configurations

Your imagination is your only limitation

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What's in the box

Cable Pulley Full Set: 1x Steel Pulley, 1x Steel Chain, 1x Rubber Cable, 1x Nylon Strap, 4x Carabiner and 1x Steel Loading Pin