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FITUALIZED Fractional Weight Plates for Unstoppable Progressive Overload - Pairs of 0.25kg/0.5kg/0.75kg/1.0kg (5kg) for Olympic Dumbbell Barbell
Price RM299.00 RM399.00
Brand Fitualized
Size (L x W x H) 28 cm x 38 cm x 28 cm
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  • WHY YOU SHOULD USE FRACTIONAL WEIGHT PLATES; A critical part of making size and/or strength gains is progressive overload, but traditional weights only allow the lifter progress in 2.5kg increments, that 2.5kg could be too large
  • 0.25kg/0.5kg/0.75kg/1.0kg PLATES THAT FIT OLYMPIC BARS(8 TOTAL); Progress in smaller steps because when you are pushing your max, a little bit makes a huge difference

  • MICRO LOADING PLATES; When you hit plateaus, youend up frustrated, with micro loading fractional plates as little as 0.25kg, you can hit your PR, stay motivated and never plateau again, you'll be pleased by your consistent progression

  • MASTER YOUR TECHNIQUE; Weighted pull-ups chin-ups, deadlifts, Olympic lifts, cleans, snatches, overhead presses, barbell curls, tricep presses, and others, with fractional microplates you get tremendous flexibility for all strength levels and because you can't build a great building without a solid foundation, this set of technique plates helps develop movement patterns to work up higher weight of your Olympic lifts

  • HOME GYM STRENGTH TRAINING; If you prioritize progression, efficiency, and trains at home, know that our microplates accuracy are “spot on” and rust free so you don’t have to worry about maintenance, cleanliness, and inaccuracy of your training progress

  • ALL READY STOCKS; We are not dropshippers or China sellers, we don’t cancel your orders and we QC so you don’t have to get through the hassles later

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A critical part of making size and/or strength gains is PROGRESSIVE OVERLOAD, but traditional weights only allow the lifter progress in 2.5kg increments, that 2.5kg could be too large


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Pairs of 0.25kg/0.5kg/0.75kg/1.0kg Olympic Fractional Weight Plates (8 total)